Annual Meeting

2019 ISCVPR Annual Meeting Information

Preconference is April 24, 2019 and the Conference is on April 25, 2019

ISCVPR Brochure 2019

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Past ISCVPR Annual Meeting Information/Documents


2018 ISCVPR Annual Meeting Information

ISCVPR Brochure 2018

PAD Exercise Program 2018 ISCVPR

Palliative Care Presentation

Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissect

PAD Reimbursement Handout

Patient-Centered Approach to ECG Telemetry Monitoring in CR

Harmonicas For Health

2017 ISCVPR Annual Meeting

ISCVPR Brochure 2017

EPM handouts

O2 handouts

Assessing PA as Core Component handouts

Health Literacy Handouts

Conference Agenda 2017

2018 Are You Ready

2016 ISCVPR Annual Meeting Information

DOTH slides 2016 – *Hot Topic* – Please review and take action!

2016 Annual Meeting ISCVPR Brochure

Heart Failure Diagnostics – Dr. Waqas Ghummann

Cardiac and Pulmonary Medications Update: Focus on PAH and PF – Raja Hanania

Inflammation and CVD: The Missing Link? – Dr. Vijay Rao

Digital Toxicity , Digital Dementia and Mindfulness – PDF

WELCOA White Paper – Sleep Wellness, Digital Detox and Mindfulness – PDF

The Domino Effect – The delicate relationship between stress, nutrition, lifestyle, and disease – PDF

Resiliency Potential Tips – Time Tested Stress-Management Tips – PDF 

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Free Registration Opportunity for the 2016 Annual Meeting – This is a great opportunity to serve fellow  ISCVPR members!